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Welcome to Hord Farms   West!

The Hord family is in it's 5th generation of family farming, with over 100 years of farming heritage. Our family has agricultural roots in Ohio, but welcomed a group of talented team of individuals and growing partners in Minnesota in 2023. Collectively, we are Hord Farms. West of the Mississippi, we are: Hord Farms, West. We have one goal together: to feed families through sustainable food production.



We are a team of agriculturalists, farmers, animal herdsmen, and consumers producing food.


Pigs are our main thing. We raise our pigs from birth to market, and feed them a wholesome diet consisting primarily of corn and soybeans. Our feed may also include grains such as wheat or barley, and has vitamins and minerals added to balance dietary requirements for each stage of growth.

The pigs are born in a birthing barn, where each sow (mother pig) has individual quarters to birth her piglets and to adequately provide nourishment for her young. At around three weeks of age, the pigs are weaned from the sow and placed in a nursery with other piglets their age. 


After outgrowing the nursery, the pigs take a ride to the growing barn, where they are happy to roam their pens and eat freely until they reach market weight. We have a dedicated team of talented individuals and growing partners who provide the expertise, care and dedication to each part of the process in our mission to: feed families through sustainable food production.



Hord Farms West Ownership

Our farm ownership is comprised of four of our family members, Pat & Janel, and two of their children, Phillip and Colleen.


Pat and Janel have been married for over 30 years and have four children and three grandchildren. They highly value faith, family and community. The Hords reside on their family farm near Bucyrus, Ohio



In 1905, Guy L. Hord purchased a tract of land that would begin the lineage of the Hord family farming in North-central Ohio. Over his lifetime, he grew to tend to over 500 acres, farming row crops, a fruit orchard and hogs that helped feed his family of twelve children.


Robert M. Hord was one of Guy's twelve children that never lost his "itch" to farm and in 1946, Robert M. began farming with 140 acres of rented land and ten hogs of his own. From the first litters of those ten hogs, he raised 82 pigs within a wooded lot. At this time, there was a ceiling on hog prices at 16-18 cents per pound because of World War II. Just before those hogs were to be sold, the ceiling was lifted because the war had ended. Robert received 32 cents per pound and used the profit to make the down payment on our Marion-Melmore Road Farm, which was the birthplace of the business, in 1948.


Over the next several decades, hog farming continued to be an integral part of our family's diversified operations as Robert’s son Duane joined the family business. Duane built several buildings and purchased more sows for continued operations. During this time, he grew his crop farm significantly to include 2800 acres. This enabled the family to use their grain to feed the increasing number of hogs. 

In 1987, Duane’s son, Patrick, entered the operation, focusing his efforts on the hog business. As the swine industry continued to grow more and more competitive, the family had tough decisions to make, but Pat decided to enhance their operational strategies and expand, so that they too could remain competitive. Pat and his wife Janel added several thousand head of sows and significant amounts of infrastructure and human capital to grow the business. 

Today, Patrick's daughter, Colleen, and son, Phil, have now entered the family business and our scope has expanded to include hundreds of team members and growing partners and thousands of row crops and animals. We continue to utilize the latest technologies and animal husbandry practices, and are dedicated to ensuring production of quality food products that you'd feel comfortable feeding your family. Throughout time we have increased our knowledge and understanding of animals and agriculture and strive to be the best at what we do each day. We are dedicated to ensuring sustainable production to feed families for many years to come.

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What's our goal?

To be agricultural stewards with Christian values thoroughly

entrenched in our business.

What are we doing?

Feeding families through sustainable food production.

How do we do it?

Through: Trust, Innovation, Care, Empowerment and Courage.



Does the possibility of working on the farm excite you? We're looking for people that are just as passionate about it as we are! We believe that our people are at the core of our success. Without our 150+ member team, we could not carry out our mission, to feed families through sustainable food production. Click to learn more.





Hord Farms West, LLP.

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